TheWell™ is a resource for providers where they can access clinical supports and tools.  As TheWell™ grows, it will become a source of information, an environment for knowledge exchange and dialogue.   What makes TheWell™ unique is that its content is for providers by providers.  TheWell™ is brought to you by the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) as a part of our mission to close the gap between evidence and practice for health care providers. CEP is a national not-for-profit organization that acts as a catalyst to improve health care outcomes for Canadians.

Development Process

As a leader in the assessment and review of evidence, Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) has a rigorous process for the development of of clinical tools and resources. For more information on our tool development process, please contact us at [email protected].

Services and supports for providers

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Academic Detailing Service
EMR Integration
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Centre For Effective Practice

The Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) is a federally-incorporated, not-for-profit organization and was founded in 2004 by the University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. In July 2008, the Guidelines Advisory Committee (GAC) joined CEP. An international leader in the assessment and review of clinical practice guidelines, GAC methodology and rigorous process have been adopted by CEP.