Primary Care Academic Detailing Service


What is an academic detailing service

Our academic detailing service entails service-oriented one-on-one visits focused on delivering providers with objective, balanced, evidence-informed information on best practices to optimize clinical care. This information is always tailored to each provider’s expressed needs and is delivered at a time that is convenient for each of them.

What happens during a visit

An academic detailing visit is about understanding a provider’s needs at the time of the visit, the aspects of the clinical topic area that are most important to them, and any questions they have on recent evidence, resources and tools available to them. It is then the academic detailer’s role to tailor each visit, specifically the information delivered during the visit, to the participating provider’s expressed needs.

First topic area

The first topic area, we will focus on is supporting family physicians in their management of patients living with chronic non-cancer pain. This service will become available starting in 2018.

We will continue to build on topics as the service progresses for primary care.


Academic Detailers

Academic detailers

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